10 things that remind me of summer

I accepted the challenge from the article “The poetry of list making”  , as I found it such an incredible idea. My poetry is always political and always describes real things in Greek society, so, if you have any questions about the events described, please, be free to comment.

  1. Strawberries, as of little red jewls, sweet yet sour and sometimes bitter- it may taste like blood, but don’t you care babe, it’s not yours.
  2. Beaches with big, white, rough stones and clear, blue waters. It seems like a paradise that is now lost, but at least babe, you can lay your sunbed on the sand.
  3. Gathering at the front yard and grandma telling us stories of “brave” men that were killing each other for a house, a farm, a tower. Granny never met her father because of a house.
  4. Playing hide& seek in endless olive fields, those that after a while we saw being burnt. We cried, but now that the tears have dried, we pay a visit at the new resort’s cafe.
  5. The deep blue of the Aegean sea. You can watch its beauty from your luxury cruise ship, but don’t get too close to the water; you’ll see the bodies.
  6. Watching the stars fall and making wishes. I wish I had the guts to accomplish even just one of them.
  7. Sweating as I was looking for you at last year’s demonstration. Fearing that the cops may get you, may hit you… I just wanted to be there for you.
  8. People gathering at squares to enjoy the lovely summer nights. I don’t want to ruin your fantasies dear, so I advise you not to pass by Victoria square; you may see some truth.
  9. Eating seafood and drinking ouzo by the sea. Isn’t it hedonic to be a cannibal at your victims’ house?
  10. Summer love vibes. You’re rubbing your dick on me and I gently push you away. You follow me all night long and I’m scared. I ask for some help. They see nothing wrong with flirting.url-2e82a5fed70d8b12ae55a19eed1f753f

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