Jeopardize // Only lovers left alive

via Daily Prompt: Jeopardize

When I saw today’s daily prompt, the fist thing that came in mind was the movie “Only lovers left alive”, I don’t really know why… So, I wrote a microstory about a vampire and a mermaid (who are in love) and how they react to people destroying nature.

You can’t swim and I can’t walk, but we will both reach the coast

I’ll still be in the water and you’ll sit on the rocks

you’ll tell me stories about people and birds and horses; those that run free on the frozen coasts

And I’ll tell you stories about fish and corals and seamen that are no longer searching for mermaids and who are desperate

You’ll say that all people are unhappy- seamen or not- oppressed and oppressing

They jeopardize the only life they ever knew, the only place they’ve lived in

And they’re killing us too

I’ll kiss you and I hope all your sorrows slip away

tomorrow there’ll be a better day



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