Designed for me

In response to this week’s challenge “Designed for you“, I want to share with you the things that I think were designed to make my life easier. And that’s all about clothes.

I have a minimalist wardrobe, so the things I wear are always the same and I buy the same things if anything happens to them.

The first thing is my ultimate summertime favourite loose/ harlem pants. I always have 2 pairs in order to change them when the one pair needs to be washed. Always the one is black and the other one is with some print on it. I’ve been to concerts, festivals, demonstrations, at uni, when I’m travelling with these. I litterally  wear them everywhere.
The second thing that I think was made to make my life easier are sweaters and leggings for the winter. There are not more comfortable things than these. They are always wearable, I won’t be exaggerating if I’d say that they are an all time classic, as I wear them everyday except Saturday nights.

Also, there is a pair of biker boots that I buy over and over again for the last four years. They have really short heels, about 3cm, that makes them super comfortable when its raining outside or at wintertime in general.

The last thing that was made exclusively to serve my laziness is a pair of handmade silver earrings I bought about a year ago. They are “a pain in the ass” when it comes to putting them on, but once they’re on, I wear nothing else. I don’t even take them off when I shower or when I go to bed because they don’t hurt me, their silver is of great quality and they clip on very well, not to mention they’re really elegant and I can wear them everyday at anytime.

I hope that you find my post relatable and that you comment here or you write a blog post about the things you relate to. 


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