Jesus Alone by Nick Cave&the Bad Seeds : Review and its contribution to rock industry

16 hours ago, “Jesus Alone” was released by the Australian band Nick Cave &the bad seeds, which follows the same musical narrative as “Push the sky away”, the band’s previous album.

In the beginning of the song I was drawn to the thought that it was going to be something really dark and haunting, creating an atmosphere like of that in “Murder ballads” & “I let love in”, but Cave’s vocals afterwards and the entrance of the piano in the track, made it clear that it is the darker, more melancholic “sibling” of PTSA.

His voice is so soft and smooth, yet cracks at some points giving a pinch of theatricality in his every word. Especially, the central lyrics “With my voice, I’m calling you”, bring you to tears.

“Jesus Alone” is a musical key that opens some kind of door full of feelings for all of us that have at least one time dealt with grief. It’s not just the lyrics; it’s the vocals and the music that harmonically take you to a 6-minute- long drive thinking about someone you’ve lost.maxresdefault

Cave doesn’t try to lift himself up in the song, and that’s what really makes him a great artist. His feelings are raw and pure, because this is how you deal with grief: You over-analyze your pain and your emptiness, you are in a spiral full of question marks about what happened, what have been unsaid, how lonely you feel, the people dying and those that kill others.

The great thing about this song (although I’ve said it like a million times in this post, but I’d like to say that again), is how close to the audience it is, which is super-rare in the music industry. Rock music has become either a faceless, “rock n’roll”- like, sexy(-ist) tune or a superficial political or social message piece. Rock lacks personality, but thankfully there are people like Nick Cave that bring us emotion, tears, thoughts, and most importantly, truth.

Jesus Alone is on Spotify & YouTube

The album “Skeleton Tree” is out on 09/09

The movie “One more time with feeling” is out on 09/08


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