Jesus at Oreokastro

Parents at a school at Oreokastro, Greece announced that they DO NOT welcome children refugees at THEIR school.

I have some questions for those people:

  1. What kind of parents are you?

Teaching your children that other children will hurt them by just being of another country, or don’t have the same beliefs as you.

You are excluding children and people from your life because they are not like you, fearing that you’ll lose some kind of privilege you think you have, when it’s nothing more than a social construct- a wall separating you from real opportunities, real difficulties, real life.

And all that, in the name of some god. But, wait, let me get this straight…

2. What kind of Christians are you, when you do not love your neighbour, your fellow civilian, the immigrant, the refugee?

“Refugee”, by Georgia Kalogerogianni

Jesus was a refugee, if I’m not mistaken, because his mother conceived while not being married which was illegal, not to mention, a social disgrace.

So, I guess, that’s what you would call Jesus: “A refugee bastard”.

When he grew up he started teaching people the importance of love. His students; prostitutes, thieves, fishermen, poor and rich.

According to you, though, Jesus would be an “immigrant troublemaker” that wants to destroy your  civilization so he, with his “gang” can take over your lovely village.

So, the right thing to do would be:

Firstly, ignore him, as if he had no needs.

Secondly, exclude him from anything that requires interaction with him and his “gang”.

Then, put him in prison if he expresses his need to live as a decent human being.

And, if he continued to protest, burn him on a cross, because he set your privilege on fire while you’re trying to save it by degrading others.

Finally, make laws that anyone with the same beliefs, would have the same fate.

3. So…  Does Christianity equals elitism?

I don’t know. I’m not even Christian.

But I think I get it more than you do.


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