Blog #2: how activism helped me in social situations, vegan-related questions that drive me crazy

Hello there! I’m a little bit better- I think that writing everything down, really helped me express my feelings. I still feel like me stomach and chest are heavy, as if in when you eat a lot of junk and then drink a soda… that heavy(!), but I seem to manage my anxiety a little bit better. I can see that because I handled a really serious conversation very nicely, without being aggressive or holding things inside of me because I would be stressed that the other person might be offended or I might seem insensitive etc.

So, this is what happened. On Thursday, I had  an hour break from class so, I went with two friends to buy some fabric for carnival costumes. Suddenly, my guy friend, who is from Egypt, asked me “So, what are you doing for Amnesty Int.?” and we get into a conversation that Amnesty isn’t a charity organisation, but I, as a person, have done some volunteering for charity, when helping in refugee shelters. Then he asked me what I think about the whole situation. I knew at this moment that it was going to be a very uncomfortable conversation, because he is a Christian Greek-Egyptian, which means he is a minority in his country and thus has strong feelings about how Muslims treat Christians from his own experience. At first, I told him what I’ve been in those shelters and their fury is completely understandable for how the conditions there are to the amount of money spent by them to enter Europe. And he went on saying that “Greeks are very good with them, but Muslims are a strange race”. What I did to give the best answer possible was explaining that when extremists are in power, the mob that follows them, thinks they’re superior to those that differentiate from them and act as so. And he agreed with that. I was so impressed with myself; I was able to say what I really think without giving any space for further argument on the topic, or, on the other hand, without getting triggered and starting an unnecessary pro- Muslim monologue, that would be completely out of point and wouldn’t benefit any of us, because I am an atheist and he has been affected by extremist Muslim behavior. I’ve learnt that “technique” by being an activist. Stepping in other people’s shoes is the key to healthy relationships, good conversations and even your own path in life.

La haine (1995)

NOW, LET’S RANT! The worst thing about being a vegan is people always coming after you for your beliefs. What’s your fucking issue? Do I bother you because I eat no meat and wear no fur? How do my **peaceful and harmless** ideas trigger you that much? Does me being a vegan influence you or your eating habits? NO??? Then STFU. I am honestly so fed up being judged about everything. I mean, it’s my body, I’m an adult, I harm nobody, I’m free to do what I want. Although I’m often silent about the topic because it’s nobody’s business but mine and I won’t advocate for it unless someone is really interested and ask me, in this post, I will answer all the questions I get from people that don’t want to learn or listen anything but their opinion, they just wanna belittle the vegan way of life.
1. Q.”Why are you vegan?” -This person doesn’t want to know what “for the animals” really means, they just want to say “but plants have feelings too, they’re alive {blah blah blah}”- A.”The reason, my friend, I’m a vegan is because I believe in fucking freedom and I’m not a narcissist that thinks that the whole world and nature is there for serving my needs”

2. Q. “Where do you get your protein from?”- A. “Where does the cow you eat get its protein from?”

3. Q. “But, if people were not supposed to eat meat, we wouldn’t have the dogteeth”- A: “Chimpanzees have them too, our DNAs match by 95% and they’re fruitarian. Yet, you think you are a fucking wolf ”

4. Q: “You used to like ____, have some, a little cheat doesn’t hurt”- A: “I’m not on a diet, I don’t do it for my calorie intake! It’s my lifestyle, the way my mind and my soul work and there is no food that is superior to that”

5. Q: “You ‘re going to lose friends, boyfriends etc because you’re not adapting to the norms”- A: “If people can’t accept me as I am, then I’ll be glad to see them leave”

PEOPLE GET A LIFE PLEASE! There is a world full of knowledge outside. Try to get some and stop criticising. Maybe then, you’ll feel a little bit better yourself. Huh?